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Company Background

Company Background

In 1993,

company was found under name of Sky Shore Trading Limited Partnership. The company had exported Fresh fruit such as Durian and Mangosteen to Taiwan under 888 brand by Air which the factory was settled at Si-Mum-Mung Central Market. As the result of rapid increasing fruit exported market, in 1997, the founder had increased investment and changed the company to Thongpad Fruits Vegetable Co.,Ltd. Moreover, they had settle a new factory at Chanthaburi where has large volume of Durian and Mangosteen, then begin to export the product by vessel. In 2001, the company have expanded fruits market to China where has high demand of fruits.

Years later,

the company have expanded production base by building Fresh Longan factory and Dried Longan factory at Chiang Mai. Furthermore, Thongpad Cold Storage is found in the same year. It is found to operated a cold storage which have been built for storing fruits and vegetables. The cold storage have space approximately 3 acres near by Talaad Thai Market which is the biggest retail and hold sell market in Thailand. There are approximately 120 containers (40ft) or 2,400 ton can be stored in the cold storage. In 2010, the company have continued expanded fresh fruits market to Indonesia which is the third population in Asia.

Years later

Currently, Thangpad Fruits Vegetable Co.,Ltd.

exports fresh fruits such as Durian, Mangosteen, Longan , and Dried Longan to Taiwan, China and Indonesia. In addition, Thongpad Cold Storage Co., LTD. do service for storing for fresh fruits.